Are you planning a large mixed use residential development or wanting to subdivide your land? Maybe you have a waterfront property and are thinking of building a new jetty or are modifying existing waterfront structures? Perhaps you require a survey to be used by your design consultants for a DA submission? If so you will need Survey Professionals competent in a broad range of related surveying disciplines.

SDG not only provides the traditional survey services that most other firms undertake but we also specialise in Medium to High Density Residential Developments including all the construction set out, Subdivisions from 2 to 2000+ lots, Waterfront Titling and Development and Planning and Project Management.

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Medium to High Density Residential Developments including all Construction Set Out

Medium to high density residential developments are often complex and confusing. Especially when it comes to the land titling component with options like community, mixed used, strata, stratum or staged strata developments or a combination of the above. How do you know what to adopt? Which options will have the greatest flexibility? Which options will lead to longer delays on the final registration process and increase development costs. It can be very confusing, even for experienced developers. At SDG we understand it is important to get it right the first time and we will work with your consultants for the best solution to your project.

With an intimate understanding of the construction and land titling components of a medium to high density residential project, it pays to have SDG on your next project. Experienced consultants on your team that understand the processes, provide industry leading service and will proactively work with you to minimise delays in the registration of your LPI plans leading to a potential reduction in holding costs and an increase in your projects profitability.

SDG also has a specialist division focused on residential construction set out. From a simple three storey walk up to a high rise multi basement, inclined transfer slab, multi tower development, SDG is the right choice. We have the skilled team and more importantly the experience to ensure that your survey requirements on your project progresses without problems because a development manager has too many issues to deal with on a project than to also worry about the surveying.

With a dedicated Construction Manager to oversee your project, booking a survey team for your next formwork or slab set out has never been easier and you will have the confidence of SDG turning up on time.

SDG has been involved in the development industry for a long time now. Our satisifed client list keeps growing as more developers make the switch to SDG due to underperformance of their previous surveyors. Maybe this is you?

Have you had enough of delays in your strata plans due to surveyors without the expertise or the know how to get the plans finished correctly and quickly?
Have you been searching for a professional survey consultant who will work for you to maximise your returns?
Are you tired of survey companies that cannot offer you a full service for your development or take too long and are unreliable?
Have you had enough of survey firms who promise the world but constantly fail to deliver?

Then SDG is the right choice for you. Brief SDG today on your next project by calling (02) 96307955 or fill out our enquiry form and a Senior Surveyor will respond promptly to your enquiry and see how SDG can make a difference to your next project.

Land Subdivision

Whether you are cutting off part of your backyard for a 2 lot subdivision, or undertaking a large greenfield subdivision in the new growth regions of North West or South West Sydney, SDG is here to help.

We all know that the land development and subdivision process is often complicated involving a number of stages that even experienced developers find difficult. From the initial development application, through the construction phase with numerous checks and certifications required for many different statutory bodies and the final registration of the subdivision plan at LPI NSW, SDG has the experience and expertise to ensure the successful completion of your project

Whether you need some initial advice, preparation of subdivision plans only or the total management of your entire project, brief SDG today on your next project by calling 96307955 or fill out our enquiry form and a Senior Surveyor will respond promptly to your enquiry and see how SDG can make a difference to your next project.

Waterfront Titling and Development

Whatever your waterfront query, SDG is your first point of contact. SDG has been working with and advising owners of properties fronting various waterways throughout the Sydney region and the state for many years. Our experience partnering with leading maritime lawyers and the professional relationships we have with the various local and state government departments is invaluable to ensure your waterfront proposal proceeds efficiently and with the best result for you. Your waterfront land is worth too much to leave in the hands of an inexperienced professional.

Have you just purchased a waterfront property and looking to transfer the licence into your name? Are you considering constructing new or modifying existing waterfront structures and would like some advice on what you can and can’t do or what is involved?

If so then SDG has the experience and expertise to offer a complete package on all waterfront matters. From the initial survey through to gaining development consent from council, including the tedious task of the various approvals from many different government agencies, SDG is your one stop shop to manage your entire project.

Have you been contacted by Crown lands regarding unauthorised waterfront structures? SDG can assist in the authorisation of these structures and help ensure that your property complies with crown land and council policies

Would you like to have freehold title to the reclaimed land you currently lease?
If you own a property fronting Sydney Harbour in some instances it may be possible to purchase the reclaimed land and consolidate with your freehold land area. Waterfront land in Sydney is some of the most expensive real estate in Australia so why not find out if you can increase your land value by purchasing the reclaimed land you currently pay the government an annual lease on.

Whatever your question then brief SDG today by calling 96307955 or fill out our enquiry form and an experienced Senior Surveyor specialising in waterfront titling will respond promptly to your enquiry and see how SDG can make a difference.

Planning and Project Management

Do you find the land development process too complicated and confusing? Do you need a professional to take over and get you the outcomes you want? Then SDG is your first point of contact. We have the expertise and experience in all aspects of the land subdivision process. We offer land development solutions. We can manage your overall land subdivision project, have input at critical stages or just offer some helpful advice.

Our planning and project management services include:

  • Initial site analysis
  • Preparation of alternative proposals
  • Feasibilities studies and assessments
  • Negotiations with all involved entities including state and local governments and other statutory bodies
  • Coordination of consultants and other professionals as required
  • Preparation of development applications
  • Lodgement of required documentation with the relevant authorities
  • Coordination of the land titling process including electronic plan lodgement at (LPI) Land & Property Information

General Surveying Services

  • Consolidation Surveys
  • Lease Area Surveys
  • Engineering Surveys
  • Volume Surveys
  • Work As Executed Surveys
  • Detail & Level Surveys
  • Building Set out
  • Boundary Marking
  • Identification Surveys
  • Strata Surveys
  • Subdivision Surveys