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We “do” a lot, but it is our commitment to building the best, our industry knowledge and our experience that combine to create an award-winning team, ready to help your next project be a success.

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Strata & Stratum

SDG is a renowned leader in strata and stratum subdivision in NSW.

Employing some of the most experienced professionals in the industry we have worked on some of the most complex projects in Sydney, including the multi award-winning Wentworth Point development by Billbergia.

We service clients on both small and large-scale developments in the residential, mixed use and commercial sectors.

SDG specialise in the following:

  • Stratum subdivision 
  • Community title stratum subdivision 
  • Strata subdivision 
  • Part strata subdivision
  • Staged strata subdivision
  • Mixed use strata subdivision
  • Strata plan of subdivision
  • Strata termination

Working with an extensive network of industry specialists, we will coordinate with consultants such as strata certifiers, solicitors, valuers and strata managers to ensure compliance and successful completion of the project to help maximise clients return with minimal delays. 

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Land Subdivision

Land development and subdivision is a complex process to navigate, even for the most experienced developer.

Whether you need assistance with a large greenfield site or a two lot subdivision you can rest assured you are in safe hands.

As a highly regarded team of Registered Land Surveyors, we are proficient in all aspects of cadastral boundary surveying and land titling matters. 

We are with you from the initial development application, right through the construction process, assisting with certification to reach final registration of the subdivision plan at the NSW Land Registry Services.

Whether you are looking for some initial advice, preparation of subdivision plans, or the total management of the titling of your project, contact us to find out how SDG can make a difference to your subdivision project. 

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SDG’s construction setout team has provided exceptional service to builders and developers alike for many years.

Backed and supported by an experienced construction manager, our dependable team can provide a comprehensive range of setout services to ensure you build the best. 

Our setout services include but are not limited to:

  • House/Duplex
  • Medium Density Developments
  • High Rise Developments
  • Industrial
  • Engineering Setout including Roads/Services/Drainage
  • Commercial

To avoid any potential delays which may occur following an Occupation Certificate audit by the Office of the NSW Building Commissioner, we offer additional services to help you manage your quality assurance process by providing as built and deflection monitoring of slabs and the monitoring of all building elements that may be affected by your construction.

Utilising two-person survey teams also enables SDG to provide safer, faster, and more accurate results, resulting in overall savings to your construction budget. To experience the SDG difference contact us to find out more.

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3D Laser Scanning

Why not take advantage of the benefits 3D laser scanning can offer, over more traditional land survey methods?

Using the latest technology, our innovative team can capture large volumes of data accurately and efficiently in a non-obtrusive manner.  We can collect over 2 million data points per second, providing the output in a variety of ready-to-use formats.

The advantages of 3D scanning include:

  • Ability to produce an accurate, highly detailed 3D model of the site
  • Fast and accurate mass data collection, not achievable by conventional methods
  • Reducing the risk of missed data collection
  • Ability to extract data at a later time that may not have previously been part of the initial scope, thus avoiding a return to site
  • Previously inaccessible areas can now be surveyed

Our team can harness the power of 3D laser scanning to provide fast and accurate data collection for your next project.

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3D Modelling & BIM

SDG’s in-house team offer a 3D modelling and BIM service.

The BIM process changes the way we design, plan, build and construct buildings.  It enables us to provide a full digital representation of a building’s properties, both physical and functional.

From our experience, using the latest BIM technology provides the following key benefits:

  • A project can be visualised before it is built
  • More cost-effective construction estimation
  • Improvements in scheduling and sequencing resulting in reduced timeframes
  • Better project quality
  • As-built vs design intent tolerance checking
  • Clash detection of design and as-built models

Models can be built from 3D point clouds or from 2D client supplied drawings.

On provision of 3D design models, SDG can identify any potential clashes between service or structure through the utilisation of clash detection software.  A report detailing areas which clashes have occurred can be provided at design documentation stage and rectified, thus reducing the need for any rework during construction.

At completion a 3D laser scan of the As-built location of services and structures can be undertaken and using clash detection software, we can highlight services and structures which have been constructed outside of a predetermined tolerance when compared to the design models.

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General Surveying

Streamline your project with SDG’s professional and experienced survey team.

Our proactive team can assist with general survey services such as: 

  • Redefinition Plan
  • Consolidation Plan
  • Lease/PCA Surveys
  • Engineering Setout
  • Volume Calculations
  • Work As Executed
  • Detail & Level
  • Boundary Marking
  • Identification Surveys
  • Monitoring Surveys
  • Waterfront Titling & Surveys