Wentworth Point is a unique 7 stage project comprising approximately 3000 residential units and 50 retail units including a shopping precinct, council library, community roads and open space and the Homebush Bay Bridge.

SDG was engaged by the client as the titling consultant for the whole development and were tasked to deliver a titling solution varied in its challenges.  Site limitations and council requirements meant a unique design throughout the project of elevated roadways with car parking beneath.    A hierarchical approach to the titling was the best solution.  Initially a community subdivision in stratum was undertaken to separate the roadways from each development lot.  This initial community subdivision, with the separation of roads in stratum, has allowed our client to use the land beneath the roads for car parking and other development uses.

These development lots are then further subdivided to meet the needs of the ever changing market place and the local community.  This includes further stratum subdivisions to separate the residential and retail components of each development lot and subsequent strata plans.   This project is ongoing and is expected to be complete in 2020.  Our client has relied on SDG’s titling experience and expertise to establish a scheme that has allowed them greater freedom in design changes to meet market expectations.